Luca Trevisan — Teaching

at Columbia
Fall 98: W4231, Analysis of Algorithms I
Spring 99: E6291,Topics in Cryptography
Fall 99: W4231, Analysis of Algorithms I
at Berkeley
Spring 01: CS278,Complexity Theory
Fall 01: CS170, Algorithms
Spring 02: CS276,Cryptography
Fall 02: CS278, Complexity Theory
Spring 03: CS174,Randomized Algorithms
Fall 03: CS294, Coding Theory and Complexity
Spring 04: CS172, Computability and Complexity
Fall 04: CS278, Complexity Theory
Spring 05: CS170, Algorithms
Fall 05:CS172, Computability and Complexity
CS294, Pseudorandomness
Spring 06: CS294, PCP and Hardness of Approximation
Spring 07: CS172, Computability and Complexity
CS70, Discrete Mathematics
Spring 08: CS278, Complexity Theory
Spring 09: CS276, Cryptography
Fall 09: CS172, Computability and Complexity
at Stanford
Spring 10: CS254, Computational Complexity
Winter 11: CS359G: Graph Partitioning and Expanders
CS261: Optimization and Algorithmic Paradigms
Spring 11: CS154 Automata, Computability and Complexity
Winter 12: CS 154: Automata, Computability and Complexity
CS254: Computational Complexity
Fall 12: CS 259Q: Quantum Computing
Winter 13: CS366: Graph Partitioning and Expanders
Spring 13: CS161: Algorithms
Winter 14: CS54: Computational Complexity
Spring 14: CS103: Mathematics for Computer Science
at Berkeley
Spring 15: CS172: Computability and Complexity
Spring 16: CS294: Spectral Algorithms and Expanders
Fall 16: CS170: Algorithms
Fall 17: CS294: Beyond Worst-Case Analysis
Spring 19:CS170: Algorithms
at Bocconi
Fall19: 30516: Theoretical computer science
Fall19: 40391: Topics in computer science and optimization
Fall20: 40974 Computer Science 2 (PhD course)
Spring21: 30540 Computer Science 2 (BAI)
Spring22: 41000 Graph Theory (PhD course)
30540 Computer Science 2 (BAI)